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Message  steph ptc le Mer 5 Jan - 11:44


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'342' is a special album from a special band:Pin up Went Down.
First I thought, what a mess. The mix of gothic, death, progressive, funk and jazz seemed like a band that didn't know what music style they wanted to play.But as the album progressed, this weird combination of genres started to become a true addiction.
Singer Asphodel succeeds in heightening the musical feelings of songwriter Alexis Damien with her diverse vocal tones, from warm to scratchy children's voices, pig squals and growls.
Conclusion: Inspiring,original and adventurous.
Gold 6/7
steph ptc
steph ptc
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Message  Alexis le Lun 10 Jan - 12:24

Cool ! Ca fait plaisir !

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